Double majoring in IST and Economics



Software development is my passion. I am proud to be a part of the Penn State College of IST and develop my skills in working with both machines and people in the technology industry.



I feel strongly that economics is the most (and only) relevant social science. I am especially interested in decision theory in macroeconomic policy as I see a strong connection to professional organization leadership.

I've been able to participate in many competitions at Penn State



I have worked on several inter-disciplinary teams for consulting competitions where I have been tasked with quantifying qualitative data and writing an algorithm to make an optimal decision. These projects can be found on my Github.



I was given the opportunity to speak at the Penn State Leonard Center Speaking Competition to several hundred students about my work on Maverick Systems and I was the winner of the audience vote for best speaker. I have also come back as a judge for this competition



I took home first place in the Boeing Potomac Hack-a-thon through Penn State. I also was a finalist in the College of IST IdeaMakers Competition with my work for Maverick Systems. Though I did not win any awards, I was also a part of the 2019 HackPSU Competition.

My work for the Design Analysis Technology Advancement (D.A.T.A) Lab

ClickVR Project

ClickVR is a virtual reality platform for interactive industrial engineering course work, placing students in a virtual factory setting and having them solve and execute tasks. I have worked on the VR classroom and factory environment.

DARPA Project

I am currently working on creating a particle based aerodynamics simulation platform as part of the DARPA research project team in the D.A.T.A Lab. Using the NVIDIA Flex library for Unity 3D, we have been able to simulate air particle interactions on an airfoil.